Learn advanced Figma features and build a workflow to design faster!

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Figma Pro Workflows

Learn my workflow & build your Figma skills with my Beginner to Intermediate Figma course.

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Workflow Tactics

Learn when to use groups or frames and how to approach your designs to move faster.

Auto Layout

Become an Auto Layout guru creating dynamic layouts that improve consistency & workflow.

Prototyping Skills

Learn basic and advanced prototyping to create clickable prototypes that feel like real apps.

Advanced Variables

Be able to use variables in Figma to create design systems and advanced prototypes.

Follow Along!

Every key module has a work study that walks you through the features & tactics while designing.

Who is this for?

You should know the basics of a program like Figma. Otherwise, you can join this course and learn the tactics gleamed through 13 years of experience.


Learn Figma


Learn Figma


Learn UI Design


Learn UI Design


Practice w/ 70Rad


Practice w/ 70Rad

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Meet Your Instructor

Nolan Perkins


He’s been designing apps & websites since 2010 with most of his career being spent bringing early-stage products to life. His designs have helped raise millions in capital, and his apps have seen 100k+ users.

He’s worked in a design agency bringing to life apps and websites for airports and major universities, he freelanced for years full-time, and he’s worked in multiple product teams where he’s hired and managed designers in a Lead role.

Now, he’s on a mission to help new designers hone their skills & think like startup founders so they can build the future.

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I taught myself design over 13 years ago.

You need to know a program well enough to move quickly as you build your skills.

I've removed all the fluff and only included exactly what you need to get started in Figma.

  • In-depth knowledge of how to work fast in Figma.
  • Mastery of Auto Layout--something EVERY job will ask for.
  • Become a power-user of Advanced Prototyping & Variables

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The Curriculum

Follow along modules with Figma files to help you learn Figma while using Figma.

Intro to Figma

    Warmup for the course and a breakdown of what to expect in the course!

    • Hi, I'm Nolan
    • Why learn program first?
    • Why Learn Figma?
    • Who is this for?
    • Course Outline
    • Final point -- Watch this before starting!

    Frames & Groups

    Before you can jump into advanced workflows, you need to know how to use Frames and when to use a Frame vs a Group. We'll cover all the limitations and opportunities of both here!

    • Our First Group
    • Selection Navigating in Figma
    • Positioning in a Group
    • Selection Colors
    • Drawbacks of Groups
    • How to Frame
    • Expanding Frames Properly
    • Constraint Placement
    • Frame relative positioning
    • Using Frames to future proof your workflow
    • How to use Sections
    • Link Sharing

    Auto Layout Tactics

    We'll cover how to use Auto Layout, how to use filled spacing, and all the newly released features. More importantly, we'll dive deep into when and how you should approach it from a theoretical level.

    • Auto Layout Intro
    • Setting up Auto Layout
    • Placement Alignment Issues
    • Using Fills for Flexible Auto Layouts
    • Packed vs Space Between
    • Multi-Level Figma Workflow (DON'T MISS THIS)
    • Intro to multi-level Auto Layouts
    • Adding a Auto Layout Button
    • Absolute Positioning
    • Wrapup

    Auto Layout Work Study

    In this module, we'll design an app using the skills and techniques we've covered in the course so far.

    • Intro to making an app
    • What app are we making?
    • Navbar
    • Notes
    • Note consistency
    • Setting up Chores
    • Header Icons
    • Chore Card
    • Chore List
    • Groceries
    • Add Button
    • Add Modal
    • The Best Figma Shortcut
    • Form Input Grid
    • Detailed Padding
    • Getting to All Chores
    • Setting the Chore Grid
    • Last Card on the Grid

    Prototype 101

    You'll learn how to use the basics of prototyping with this follow-along design session.

    • Why prototyping
    • What we'll be prototyping
    • First Interaction
    • Interaction controls
    • Flow Starting Points
    • Sending to and from another frame
    • Prototype preview
    • Device scrolling and cleanup
    • Overflow scrolling Fixed Silos
    • Sticky
    • Smart Animate Basics
    • Smart Animate Transitions
    • Fixed and Constraints Issue
    • Drag interaction
    • Copying interactions
    • After delay interactions
    • File cleanup
    • In-screen transitions
    • Next steps

    Introduction to Variables

    We'll cover how to use variables in Figma. This is the foundation of every new design system and how to create conditional logic in prototyping

    • Variables Intro
    • Creating Variables
    • Grouping Variables
    • Scoping
    • Styles vs Variables
    • Assigning Color Variables
    • Variable modes
    • Text modes
    • Assigning text variables
    • Text mode assignment
    • Variable wrapup

    Variable Prototyping Basics

    We'll cover the functions and tactics you can use to create dynamic variable-based prototypes.

    • Intro to advanded prototyping
    • Planning the steps
    • Incrementing Variables
    • Conditional Logic
    • Math expressions
    • Planning our cart
    • Using Bools to Hide Layers
    • Adding to our cart
    • Optimizing our cart
    • Why this matters

    Advanced Variable Prototyping

      We'll put all of our learnings together to create a super advanced prototype in Figma using variables and conditionals.

      • Music Player Intro
      • Needed Components for Music Player
      • Getting to our player
      • Assigning Width to Variables
      • Logic Loops
      • Setting maximum on progress
      • Stop progress on pause
      • Pause UI
      • Volume Switching
      • Song playing Logic
      • Conditional Increment
      • Debugging
      • Rewinding
      • Mini player
      • Auto Play to Next
      • Recap
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